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• How good do Larry’s motors run?  Find me at a stoplight and find out for yourself.  Make sure you are warmed up & ready to go!  He is willing to find a combination that has YOUR budget & performance goals in mind.  When I bought my bike, I purchased a maintenance package from the dealership...........READ MORE 

• Larry took my 103" chopper from a sick wheezy turd that I had to run the choke most of the time just to get it to a absolute beast!! Increased torque and horsepower 40% and still was able to tweak it so I could keep my NON-performance pipe and air cleaner and still have the power and torque!! Amazing!!.... Phil Dozier

• 12 years ago, I first met Larry by a good friend that said he had found an excellent Harley mechanic that was good and reasonable. Little did I know at that time that it would turn into a great friendship and partnership in building I believe some of the best drivetrain Harley’s I could ask for!!!.........READ MORE